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Growing up on Glengrove Avenue in the heart of a predominant Italian community, OwlMortgage.ca founder Vince Gaetano describes his family's home as Grand Central Station. A collection of bicycles, belonging to his friends, strewn against the front porch was a familiar sight, as his parents immigrants from just outside of Naples, Italy eagerly welcomed Vince and his sisters friends. For Vince, this was home, replete with warmth, laughter and boisterous conversation, good food, and a dinner table where decisions were made.

From a young age, Vince knew he wanted to run his own business. Starting with a newspaper route, grass cutting, and snow shovelling, he eventually made the decision to go into the lending branch of banking. During his university days, Vince was first exposed to the mortgage world through TD, and he would go on to spend his first decade in the mortgage business with TD Bank's national mortgage broker unit and with BMO as a national sales manager.

Vince has always enjoyed helping people buy homes and educating people on mortgages, as demonstrated by almost two decades worth of giving advice on CP24’s weekly Hot Property program. Born of this passion to educate, OwlMortgage.ca was created to provide an education-first and empathetic approach
to mortgages.

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